Find Out the Shocking Weight of a Pickleball Paddle!

Do you play Pickleball? Have you ever wondered how much a Pickleball paddle actually weighs? The answer might surprise you!

A Pickleball paddle typically weighs between 7.5 and 8.5 ounces That’s lighter than you might expect, considering the size of most Pickleball paddles It’s also much lighter than a tennis racket, which can weigh up to 14 ounces This difference in weight makes Pickleball a great sport for players of all ages and experience levels.

The weight of a Pickleball paddle can vary quite a bit, depending on the material it is made out of and the design of the paddle Paddles made from denser materials, such as graphite and carbon fiber, are usually heavier than those made from lighter materials such as aluminum or polypropylene Additionally, the shape and size of the paddle can also affect its weight A larger paddle will typically weigh more than a smaller one, and a paddle with an extended handle will typically weigh more than one with a shorter handle.

So, next time you pick up a Pickleball paddle, don’t be surprised if it feels surprisingly light Now you know why—it’s because the typical Pickleball paddle weighs between 7.5 and 8.5 ounces!