Yonex Vcore Pro Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

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If you’re looking for a racquet that can unleash your spin potential, the Yonex Vcore is a great option.

It is a racquet built for intermediate to advanced players who control the point with spin from the baseline. This in-depth review of the 2022 Yonex Vcore will help you decide if the Vcore is right for your game.

We’ll examine Yonex’s spin-oriented racquet, review the differences between the different Vcore models, and show you the best alternative tennis racquets.

Different Versions of the Yonex Vcore

The table below will help you compare each version of the Yonex Vcore.

Model Technical Differences Result In Performance
Vcore 98 N/A N/A
Vcore 95 Head Size – 3 in. smaller
Weight – 0.1 oz. heavier
For advanced players only
More control
Less power
Vcore 98 + Length – 0.5 in. longer For high-level intermediate & advanced players only
Better reach
More leverage & power
Vcore 98 L Weight – 0.8 oz. lighter Easier to handle & swing
Vcore 100 Head Size – 2 in. larger More power

There are several different models of the Yonex Vcore. For most players, the 98 model is best. If you need a racquet that has a little more natural pop and is easier to swing, the 100 is a great option.

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However, if you are looking for something heavier or more specialized for advanced players, the 95 version is best.

Yonex Vcore 98 Review – 2022 Model

Below, you’ll find the specifications of the newest Yonex Vcore 98 racquet and review of the racquet’s on-court performance.

Of all the Yonex tennis racquet reviews I’ve done, the Vcore is the most spin friendly.

In general, the other Vcore models will have similar characteristics with the slight variations mentioned above.

Yonex VCORE 98 Tennis Racquet
Yonex Vcore Tennis Racquet

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Yonex Vcore 2022 Specifications

The technical specs of the 2022 Vcore 98 are similar to previous models. Below you can see the specifications, then you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of each element.

  • Weight: 11.4 oz. strung
  • Head Size: 98 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Stiffness: 66
  • Balance: 320 mm
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19

Read our guide on how to choose a tennis racquet.

Yonex Vcore is made of graphite and weighs 11.4 ounces strung (323 g.) making it on the heavy side among the other best tennis racquets for spin.

With a 98 square inch head, this racquet has a large sweet spot that can generate spin from almost any part of the frame. The racquet is great for players looking to add easy spin to their game.

Yonex Vcore 98 tennis racquet helps for spin

It is the standard 27 inches long with a balance point of 320 mm, making it head light and easy to swing.

The 66 stiffness rating is a bit more flexible than many racquets for club or recreational players. However, Yonex has implemented some new technologies for 2022 to help with stability.

Pros & Cons of the Yonex Vcore

See the pros and cons of the Vcore tennis racquet below for a quick glance at how it performs compared to other tennis racquets.


  • Tons of spin potential
  • Solid control for a spin-oriented racquet
  • Adds power & spin to groundstrokes
  • Easy to swing & maneuver
  • Great for players looking to learn or maximize topspin/slice


  • It lacks some touch & feel on returns and other shots
  • Not great for volleys against pace

The Vcore is Famous for its Spin

Yonex has a reputation for racquets that can be played at any level, and the Vcore is made for players at any point in their spin journey. Whether you’re learning topspin, perfecting your slice, or looking to hit some deadly drop shots, this racquet can create spin with ease.

Yonex has widened the upper portion of the hoop and redesigned the grommet system in an effort to increase spin potential, and a thicker beam is intended to boost power and stability.

Yonex Vcore tennis racquet
The open 16×19 string pattern on the Yonex Vcore helps players generate spin.

For a similar racquet with even more control consider the Yonex Vcore Pro.

This Racquet has Raw Power

The Vcore series is probably best known for its easy spin on every shot. It is hard to achieve this level of spin while maintaining power, but the Vcore does it the best, allowing players to hit hard and with spin from any angle.

The same redesigned hoop and grommet system that increase spin potential help the racquet to provide more power for players of all levels.

Professional men's tennis player, Denis Shapovalov, uses the Yonex Vcore. He has been a Top 10 player on the ATP Tour.
Professional men’s tennis player, Denis Shapovalov, uses the Yonex Vcore. He has been a Top 10 player on the ATP Tour.

Overall this racquet provides plenty of power while not sacrificing spin for beginners to pros.

The Vcore Lacks Some Control

Although the Vcore Pro is better known for its control, the Vcore does an excellent job of combining its spin with control in a comfortable racquet.

The racquet provides a great feel at contact and has plenty of maneuverability to make every shot possible.

The racquet is even more comfortable to control if you opt for one of the lighter versions. Naturally, you’ll lose a bit of power on your shots, but you’ll get more feel and better handling.

See our Yonex Vcore Pro review for a tennis racquet with even better control and feel.

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The Vcore is a Stable Racquet

The Vcore 2022, unlike previous versions, is much more stable. Although it still isn’t the most stable of Yonex’s racquets, it is a much better option around the net now without sacrificing spin.

For those used to finishing points at the net, it’s hard to knock this racquet for being anything but reliable.

The main drawback of this racquet is that it does lend itself to baseline players and those who prefer to control the point with spin rather than with power and net play.

Still, the racquet is a great option for players who come in to finish points, but that’s not their entire game.

The Best Alternatives to the Yonex Vcore

Below are several tennis racquets similar to the Yonex Vcore.

  • Babolat Pure Aero – Many would consider this the best racquet on the market purely for spin.
  • Head Boom– This racquet offers better comfort with excellent power and spin for players of any skill level.
  • Head Extreme – One of the best racquets for combining power and spin.

The Yonex Vcore is Best for Tennis Players Who…

If you’re serious about improving your tennis game then you should consider this racquet. Whether you are a competitive or recreational tennis player, the Yonex Vcore is a great racquet for those looking to improve their spin.

While other racquets can make it difficult to produce topspin or slice, the Vcore was designed to help players of any skill level get the most out of their shots. There’s a reason the Vcore is known for being spin-friendly.

This is a great racquet for most players, but especially for those looking to add a little extra spin without losing much power. Primarily, it was designed to be used from the baseline. It’s not that it doesn’t perform well with volleys, but it is so good in other areas, that it does sacrifice a bit there.

3 Steps to Find the Perfect Tennis Racquet for Your Game

Download your free checklist with 27 racquet recommendations when you join our Deal of the Week Newsletter.

My Experience Playing with the Yonex Vcore

After testing the newest Yonex Vcore, it seems like Yonex continues to provide an excellent spin-oriented racquet.

I like this racquet from the baseline and on my serve. I didn’t feel like I could generate the same power or spin as I can with a racquet like the Babolat Pure Aero. However, I felt more control and comfort with the Vcore.

I liked taking big swings on my forehand and backhand, knowing the racquet would create heavy topspin to keep the ball in the court. The stability was better than most other racquets for spin.

However, I didn’t like it very much at the net. Although it is easy to handle with decent stability, I didn’t have the touch or feel that I look for on my volleys.

Overall, I think this is a great racquet for singles players or baseliners who want a balanced racquet with a little added topspin. If you like to take big swings on your groundstrokes, this racquet is an excellent choice.

If you decide to get the Yonex Vcore, you won’t be disappointed. This is still a top-tier tennis racquet on the market due to its ability to create spin.

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