Who Are the Most Marketable Tennis Players Today in 2022?

most marketable tennis playerAccording to a recent study several of the top 50 sports athletes were tennis players. We thought it would be interesting to create our own metrics for studying influence, at least from what we could gather online, and take a look at who we think are the most influential players in tennis. We will use several references which we will cite publicly. We are not using a private data set and some of this is based on our own gut feel just as any other marketing agency would do in creating such a list.

We tried to take basic metrics such as player earnings, standings, and social media following into consideration. Under the new model agreed by most modern agencies athletes are seen as individual brands. From a brand perspective each of these athletes is it’s own small business and they’re often negotiating deals through an intermediary which would be the player’s agency or manager depending on how their business is structured. Tennis is a complex sport with many different facets to manage.

Highest Paid Tennis Players in 2022

Statistic: Highest-paid tennis players worldwide as of August 2022 (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista
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On-court earnings reflect prize money collected by the players over the last 12 months. Off-court earnings are determined through conversations with industry insiders and reflect income from endorsements, advertising, appearances, licensing and memorabilia, as well as cash returns from any businesses operated by the player. In addition to their on-court and off-court earnings, top-ranking players receive compensation from making various appearances.

Want more money? Grow your social media.

Surprisingly the number of social media followers you have especially on Instagram and Twitter play a major factor in your influence and as a result your marketability. Provided that your followers are genuine it is a good indicator of how popular you are and judging engagement on these platforms will give you an even better idea of the reach and impact these athletes are having. It’s important to note the difference between the most marketable and most marketed. For an athlete to have a positive impact they most not become oversaturated. While we think the original list was good, there are some anomalies in the data set. For one, our list is not by any means comprehensive, we are showing a cursory view of some of the athletes we believe are just as marketable as other athletes who either were or weren’t on the top 50 most marketable list.

Most Marketable Tennis Players in the WTA:

Player Twitter Followers Instagram Followers
Emma Raducanu 665,000 2,500,000
Naomi Osaka 1,100,000 2,700,000
Iga Swiatek 400,000 1,000,000
Coco Gauff 273,000 850,000
Paula Badosa 120,000 634,000
Sloane Stephens 250,000 550,000
Leylah Fernandez 114,000 350,000
Madison Keys 250,000 215,000
Caroline Garcia 160,000 212,000
Maria Sakkari 47,000 370,000
Danielle Collins 165,000

Most Marketable Tennis Players in the ATP:

Player Twitter Followers Instagram Followers
Rafael Nadal 16,000,000 17,000,000
Novak Djokovic 9,200,000 11,600,000
Carlos Alcaraz 450,000 2,100,000
Andy Murray 3,500,000 1,800,000
Alexander Zverev 135,000 1,800,000
Stefanos Tsitsipas 370,000 1,700,000
Nick Kyrgios 600,000 3,300,000
Daniil Medvedev 275,000 1,000,000
Frances Tiafoe 95,000 425,000
Casper Ruud 63,000 385,000
Cameron Norrie 40,000 125,000
Jannik Sinner 105,000 715,000
Taylor Fritz 55,000 270,000
Tommy Paul 12,000 75,000
Jack Draper 5,000 46,000

What can you do as an athlete to increase your marketability? The first key is to grow your social media following. Have you ever heard the phrase “perception is reality”? In no other place is that more true than on social media. Sports personalities and brands alike have struggled with things like brand management and purposeful storytelling while remaining authentic in the delivery of their message. Growing a community and fan base is one of the best ways to grow your brand. Athletes love to do things like mingle with fans and sign autographs because they understand the fans are the lifeblood of their brand. Growing your social media presence and reach online is a great way to grow your fans and in turn yourself into a more marketable tennis player.

Most Popular Tennis Players in 2022

Popularity is based on the percentage of people who have a positive opinion about a tennis player. This consumer sentiment index is based on AI evaluation of social media posts, comments, and reactions. These numbers are from YouGovAmerica which evaluates the conversation in several key areas for public sentiment on social media.

  1. Serena Williams (Retired)
  2. Venus Williams
  3. Maria Sharapova (Retired)
  4. Naomi Osaka
  5. Roger Federer (Retired)
  6. Rafael Nadal
  7. Novak Djokovic
  8. Andy Murray
  9. Madison Keys
  10. Caroline Wozniacki (Retired)
  11. Karolína Plíšková
  12. John Isner
  13. Victoria Azarenka
  14. Sloane Stephens
  15. David Ferrer (Retired)
  16. Simona Halep
  17. Emma Raducanu
  18. Andrea Petkovic
  19. Angelique Kerber
  20. Grigor Dimitrov
  21. Sam Querrey
  22. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (Retired)
  23. CoCo Vandeweghe
  24. Gael Monfils
  25. Alexandr Dolgopolov

Source: https://today.yougov.com/ratings/sports/popularity/contemporary-tennis-players/all

It’s interesting to note that Iga Swiatek and Carlos Alcaraz the #1 players in both of their respective leagues are missing from this list just as they were from the top 50 athletes list (which is a little peculiar). Also given her social media following and quick rising how did Coco Gauff not make this list, she’s still active with a large following and ranked in the WTA top 10.

The glaring thing these analysts typically don’t take into account is that people like Emma Raducanu were largely undiscovered before their “big moment”. If another young athlete like Qinwen Zheng were to win a grand slam she would likely get many new sponsors as well. Now I know there are other factors such as the language athletes speak, and the region they’re in, however it’s likely we’ll see more asian and latin american representation in coming years.

Special thanks to Elite Tennis Agency for helping us compile the data and make our list.

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